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HSE Policy

Our Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Employers Statutory Duty to ensure as far as practicable the health and safety of employees and others that can be affected at the work place.
Employees Statutory Duty to take care of themselves and others that can be affected by their acts or omissions.
Our intent that HSE duties to be carried out effectively by clear assignment of responsibilities and accepted at all levels in the organization.
We will, as far as reasonably practical, to ensure that;

  • HSE matters be managed at par with the business activities.
  • Work system will be provided and maintained.
  • Develop and practice HSE culture throughout the organization.
  • Commitment to HSE Management System (HSEMS).
  • Provision adequate resources, information, instruction, training and supervision to achieve HSE objectives.
  • This policy shall be continuously monitored and improved for total compliance with legislation, regulations and codes of practice.